Laura and Sam have a passion. Not just for each other … but for rabbits and Pokemon. An unusual combination, some might say, but it seems to work … and I was delighted to join this fabulous couple for their wedding at St Gregory and St Martin’s church in Wye. The church is beautifully situated and incredibly light and was a wonderful place for Laura and Sam to make their commitment to each other in front of their family and friends.

I joined Sam, his brother, his girlfriend and Laura and Sam’s rabbit, Pippin, for groom prep. Everyone was very relaxed, and enjoying coffee and pain au chocolat before getting ready. I was able to capture a few detail shots and also get a feel for the day … and I knew it was going to be fabulous. The forecast wasn’t the best, sunshine and showers, but Laura and Sam had been confident all the way along that the sun would shine …

wedding rings and engagement ring

After spending time with Laura and her bridesmaids and parents for bridal prep, just as we finished taking images in the garden, the rain came, We all dashed back inside and it poured down during the journey through Canterbury to Wye. As Sarah (my second shooter) and I arrived at church, the rain stopped. I don’t know how Laura arranged that, but it did!

I was very much looking forward to meeting Laura and Sam’s vicar. He has quite an interesting past and was incredibly welcoming to us as photographers and also to the videography team and gave such an entertaining sermon, quoting from Four Weddings and a Funeral and also singing one of his favourite songs.

bride and groom exchanging vows in church

bride and groom confetti

After confetti and formals, we then a short five minute journey over to the reception venue at Crown Lodge and whilst their guests were enjoying welcome drinks and canapés, we had a few moments for some portraits of the bride and groom.

bride and groom portrait with bouquet

Shortly after we made this image, the heavens opened. Luckily everyone was safely inside the reception venue at Crown Lodge in Wye and the rain didn’t matter at all. Service was from Just One Cook and the food just kept coming. Starters, mains, dessert, petit fours … Sam the groom did say that he expected their guests to roll out of the venue on their way home! Laura and Sam had chosen a cupcake tower with a variety of flavours topped with a cutting cake. They also very handily had little takeaway boxes so that, just in case the guests were full, they could take a cupcake home. Fabulous idea!

As the forecast had predicted, the sun broke through and we and the videographers, the lovely Helen and Bill from, encouraged our bride and groom to get some fresh air and we strolled out into the road alongside their venue. The views are spectacular as the venue is set high above the Wye Downs. Sadly the entrance to the field opposite was so boggy that we just couldn’t expect Laura to make the trip through the gate and so we watched carefully for cars and got some great images for them.

bride and groom walking along road in sunshine

We spotted some amazing early evening light … in the car park, but you wouldn’t know from this image!

bride and groom in evening sunlight

All too soon, it was time for the cake to be cut and then for the first dance. I love the emotion shown by Sam in this image. My fabulous second shooter, Sarah, got some different angles too and that’s the value of having a second photographer … so you might like to consider that too.

bride and groom first dance

This is Sarah’s perspective:

second photographer perspective on bride and groom first dance

Did I mention rabbits?


I am so very glad that the sun shone at all the right times. When we arrived at church, the sun was so bright that it was challenging to take the formal images. As Laura and Sam came out of church, the sun went behind clouds and created the most beautiful light (which was a godsend to me as a photographer). Having sun on your wedding day is wonderful but it can create quite harsh shadows and can make guests squint. But all came together beautifully and the rain only came back during the reception.

Laura and Sam have chosen to create a bespoke album filled with their choice of images and I look forward to working with them on their return from honeymoon. And hearing all about their adventures!

Congratulations to you both xxx






P.S. If you would like to find out more about Laura and Sam’s vicar, click the link below:

The background behind Pastor Ravi Holy