I was delighted to be asked to capture Sharon and John’s Canterbury ceremony at Wellington House in Canterbury. Only short coverage was required but it was great fun from start to finish. The couple made their grand entrance, along with about half of their guests, on a Red London Bus called Mabel from YMS Travel. With a real conductor!

The bus didn’t really break down …

Wellington House is a great venue for more intimate weddings and, as a photographer, you feel really involved!

We moved on to the Millers Arms where drinks and canapes awaited. Just across the road is the entrance to Sollys Orchard and the weir which incorporates the River Stour. It’s a popular cut through for tourists and locals alike but amazingly we had it to ourselves … for about a minute!

The weather was just perfect and the orchard area provided just the right amount of shade for a few formals that Sharon and John had requested. And I do love this shot through the flowers … an intimate moment captured.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this lovely couple and their families and friends before they left for their mini-moon … congratulations to you both and I’m looking forward to sharing your final edits with you as soon as possible! Hugs Sam xx