The day at Pegwell started with rain. You can never guarantee weather in the UK but we’ve had a long dry spell so although gardeners were happy with the forecast, no couple getting married would relish the prospect of rain.

Pegwell Bay Hotel is located, as you might guess, in Pegwell Bay. It’s cut into the cliff side and I always get confused about where to get out of the lift … it is beautifully situated and has the most stunning views across the English Channel.

Back to Lucy and Scott. As with all my couples, we’ve kept in touch since our first consultation and in the lead up to their Pegwell wedding. I know the venue very well but each wedding is unique to the couple and their wants and needs are different too. It’s my job to interpret what they want and to translate that into a set of images which tell their story. The laughter and the tears. The fun and the giggles.

outdoor ceremony area at Pegwell Bay Hotel

I popped in to see the girls to see how their preparations were going and it was full steam ahead. A picnic lunch … little ones getting excited about the day, nails being sorted, make up being applied, hair being styled. It really was all go!

bridal preparations at Pegwell Bay Hotel

Then back to find the boys. Guests were arriving and it’s alway challenging to keep hold of the groom’s side as there is the lure of the veranda overlooking the sea but I managed to coerce them into having a few photos.

the groom's party standing out the Pegwell Bay Hotel
stunning views over the cliffs from the veranda at the Pegwell Bay Hotel

I think it was worth taking the time to get these images. Then back to the girls …

flower girl
bridal preparations

And an extremely emotional “dad reveal” …

dad reveal

Then back across the road and down several flights to stairs to be in place for Lucy’s arrival … by this time, the sun had come out and was showing the outdoor ceremony area at Pegwell at its finest.

outdoor ceremony area at Pegwell Bay Hotel with waiting guests and groom
outdoor ceremony area at Pegwell Bay Hotel with waiting guests and groom

The steps down which our bridal party walks are steep … but this group had no worries and sped down … Lucy taking it more slowly with her dad.

bride's entrance with dad at Pegwell Bay Hotel

And Now Scott was able to see his wife-to-be for the first time … both sides of the family told me that they would get emotional … and they did.

bride and her dad
bride walking along aisle at Pegwell Bay Hotel

It was windy but inside the pergola where the wedding took place was calm and out of the wind. I don’t think anyone minded as the sun was keeping everyone nice and warm. And no rain!

ceremony area of Pegwell Bay Hotel
signing the register

Commemorative certificate signed. And now time for confetti. The wind took it everywhere but luckily I had my pro-confetti throwers who threw it over my head so that it comes down in front of the camera. I think it worked well!

confetti shot at Pegwell Bay Hotel

Drinks, canapes, hugging, formals. I take candid photographs of people catching up with each other, of photos being set up to be taken in phones, of people enjoying the chance to relax and enjoy.

Group shot at Pegwell Bay Hotel

And then on to a few portraits … we were able to make use of the time during the wedding breakfast to get some different images for Lucy and Scott. It’s worth taking the time if you can.

bride and groom

Then it was time for speeches and a wonderful rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from my couple’s daughter. At four years old, she held court. Everyone sang along and there was a huge round of applause at the end. I’ve been photographing weddings for 14 years and I’ve never seen that before! Well done, little M x

And then, all too quickly, it’s time for cake cutting and first dance. Lucy and Scott’s daughter wanted to stick close by to her mum and dad. It must be an emotional day for little ones too.

cake cutting and first dance at Pegwell Bay Hotel

And then it was time for me to leave … as the weather was so good, guests had spilled out on the veranda and were enjoying the evening whilst looking over the sea. Perfect!

bride and groom silhouette at Pegwell Bay Hotel

Thank you for having me, Lucy and Scott. It truly was a pleasure to capture more memories for you.

Lucy and Scott’s Little Black Book is below:



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