When I met with Aimee and Peter in advance of their wedding at St Augustine’s Chapel, I had a suspicion that, with the size of their bridal party, it would be busy. What I wasn’t prepared for was the energy level – as I arrived to start my coverage, it didn’t take me long to find the girls in the bridal room … I just followed the music!

It was pumping – shoes, dresses, make up, hair, laughter, singing, dancing … and more energy!

Bridal preparations at St Augustine's

Always great to see familiar faces with Karen on make up and Carla on hair. And many hands making light work of getting Aimee ready. So many smiles … it was going to be a great day!

Flower girl dancing in the corridors at St Augustine's

St Augustine’s was previously a school and college. It is a venue filled with small nooks and crannies and a huge amount of history. And Aimee and Peter made their own part of that history by getting married in the Chapel. The boys also have a dedicated area where they can get ready and it was far quieter than the girls …

wedding bands on a window sill at St Augustine's
Groom and family in the gardens at St Augustine's

Peter, his brother and his dad really aren’t very keen on having their photos taken and so images of them together are quite rare. Peter had a nod to the Peaky Blinders …

Aimee and Peter’s ceremony in the chapel was at noon. This is quite an early time for a wedding and guests were already arriving and taking their places. I managed to get in before them to get some images of the chapel. It really is stunning.

The chapel at St Augustine's

And now back to the girls. You can certainly get your steps in during a wedding at St Augustine’s!

bride with mum and flower girl

Aimee … you looked stunning. Your bridal gown was the perfect choice and sparkled in the light. The roses in your bouquet had the most delightful scent and I was pleased to hear your plans to preserve them in resin. They will be a beautiful reminder of your day.

bride's bouquet with roses from York Street Flowers
Aimee before her wedding to Peter at St Augustine's

I can still imagine the noise of the school boys in the hallways of St Augustine’s and Aimee, the stairway was perfect to show of your beautiful gown.

I guess not everyone is always happy on a wedding day … but what cute flower girls and handsome page boys!

Time to make our way along to the chapel … walking through those hallways, filled with history …

Aimee was escorted by her stepfather, Chris and then joined at the top of the aisle by her granddad, Roy. There was barely a dry eye in the chapel. Such a wonderful moment and one to cherish forever.

granddad Roy meets Chris and Aimee at the top of the aisle at St Augustine's
wedding on the steps of the chapel at St Augustine's

After ceremonies at St Augustine’s, there’s often a confetti shower as the couple walk out of the ceremony area. Sometimes this can be hard to capture if the confetti is small but this time, I nailed it!

confetti shower at St Augustine's

Unfortunately the weather on Aimee and Peter’s wedding day didn’t really play ball. It was overcast (not a bad thing for photography) but it was also quite chilly. We worked through formals quickly and efficiently, bearing in mind that grandparents on both sides were getting a bit cold and the guests wanted to get back inside to the warmth.

Aimee and Peter at St Augustine's

I’ve wanted to capture an image like this for a while and, with so many bridesmaids and such beautiful bouquets, it was easy!

These two little flower girls were the cutest. They ran around, holding hands and showing me how to make hearts …

With the weather having been so cold in the UK recently, the trees are about two to three weeks behind with their blossom but luckily, tucked away in the corner, is this gorgeous pop of colour.

couple portraits in the grounds at St Augustine's

And bluebells (although I had to crouch down in the flower border to try to get them in the shot!).

There was quite a long break in between the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening celebrations. I could hear chatter and the sound of families catching up with news. The speeches were short but filled with fun snippets, particularly about Peter … or “Wendy” …

The dancefloor and disco was being set up and Aimee and Peter were ready to cut their cake and have their first dance.

And then it was time for me to leave. Evening guests were arriving and injecting more energy into this lovely couple’s evening celebrations.

I’m looking forward to sharing your final edited images and wish you both many, many years of happiness and laughter together. It was truly an honour for me to be a small part of your day xx

Aimee and Peter’s little black book:

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Cake artist: https://lizziebizziecakes.com/

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Photographer: https://www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk/

Make up: https://www.mobilemakeup.co.uk/

Hair: Carla Morgan

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