Twilight weddings are so popular but, as the season turns slowly to autumn, it can be a bit of a risk. Having a ceremony at 4pm is perfect for a twilight wedding at the height of wedding season… but as the light starts to fade at this time of year, twilight timings can be a little squished. However, for Chelsea and Jayke, it didn’t feel at all rushed. The weather was bright, around 20 degrees … and windy. There was probably a storm brewing somewhere out to the west but it didn’t matter. With the help of the two fabulous best men, with their booming voices and great “herding” skills, we managed to get all of the formals done in super quick time … but I’m a little ahead of myself … if I’m not doing bridal prep, my coverage starts around 45 minutes before the ceremony. To get details. Such as this …

bride and groom twilight wedding wedding rings

The cutest little ring bearer, son to Chelsea and Jayke. A little camera shy but super cheeky!

bride and groom twilight wedding groom party

The guests were arriving and I had a few moments to capture some of the partygoers …

bride and groom twilight wedding guests

Chelsea told me that she was very nervous before the ceremony. But as she arrived, she looked cool, calm and collected and she and her bridesmaids and flower girl (more of that cheeky little one later) made their wedding up to the gazebo under watchful eyes.

bride and groom twilight wedding ring bearer

Throwing confetti is quite often a tricky job. It can go in the wrong direction, hit the bride and groom right in the face (sometimes intentional …) and, in the case of Chelsea and Jayke’s confetti toss, went in so many different directions that I think the majority of the guests will be finding bits of confetti everywhere!

bride and groom twilight wedding confetti

We wanted to get formals done quickly as despite the bright day, it was becoming colder due to the wind. So with the best men’s help, we got through the list of images really quickly and then had time for a few candid ones …

bride and groom twilight wedding flower girl

Because the boys had been so efficient, we had a few extra minutes for a portrait or two of the bride and groom on the gazebo … fighting the wind but getting some great images!

bride and groom twilight wedding bride and groom portraits

We had checked the time of the sunset for this twilight wedding day and Chelsea and Jayke really wanted to get out in the buggy … we did, but it was very chilly so we made a couple of super speedy stops and then came back to the welcoming warmth of Stonelees Golf Centre. But I’m so glad that we made the time …

twilight wedding bride and groom golden hour

twilight wedding bride and groom golden hour

Then it was time for cake cutting, gift giving and a first dance to an Elvis track. Very gentle and perfectly reflecting my lovely couple. Wishing you both all the happiness in the world and looking forward to editing and sharing your final wedding images with you xx