To be recommended by a fellow wedding professional is great. To have the chance to be part of a truly special celebrant wedding celebration with a couple like Mal and George, well that’s pretty special too. And for it to be in Dungeness .. well that was the cherry on the cake.

Back in the spring of 2021, I was introduced to Mal and George. We had several, very long chats, mainly me and Mal (with George in the background) and I was quickly able to get an impression of this fabulous couple. Creative, clever, with a sharp sense of humour, I knew their wedding would be special.

personalised and unusual wedding rings

And it was. Close family and friends in a very intimate setting. Working alongside my good friend, Karina from Simply Ceremonies UK, I knew it was going to be fun. Karina kindly recommended me to this lovely couple and I am forever grateful. And she has an extremely in-depth knowledge of weddings and celebrant led wedding ceremonies … and how to put a buttonhole on properly.

independent celebrant helping groom with buttonhole

We knew that Mal had arrived by the sound of the car. She was late. But who’s judging when she looked this fabulous.

bride Mal with bouquet
bride with her wedding bouquet of pink roses

Escorted by her son, the sun shone for this couple who are very obviously and genuinely smitten.

bride being escorted by her son
groom waiting for his bride to arrive
bride and groom smiling

One of the many benefits of a celebrant wedding is that you can choose your own vows. They can be intensely personal, the words from a song or perhaps a quote from a well know TV series. And they are pronounced with love. And the odd tear.

personalised wedding vows at a celebrant wedding

“My Hello is end of your endings. Your laugh was the first step down the aisle. My hand will be yours to hold forever. My forever is as simple as your smile.”

“I said you were what was missing. You said instantly you knew. You are a question to be answered. And my answer is “I do”.”

The skill of a celebrant is to take your words and help you make them into something touching, endearing and which reflects you.

bride reading her vows
And then confetti and formals which actually weren’t very formal but were a wonderful reflection of the feel of this relaxed celebrant wedding.
confetti at a wedding
And then we were off … to windy, blustery Dungeness in a most amazing class car (Karina and I followed .. Mal and George wanted some alone time …)
class car stopping at railway crossing
happy bride and groom
bride and groom portraits
bride and groom at Dungeness
And they laughed, and laughed .. and then laughed some more.
laughing bride and groom

George truly loves his classic cars … especially American ones.

And of course, no celebrant wedding photo is complete without .. the celebrant!
celebrant wedding with bride, groom, celebrant and driver
An absolutely wonderful way to spend a few hours. If you are thinking of having a celebrant wedding, please do get in touch. I offer shorter coverage if necessary for weekday celebrations and couples are able to inject such a huge amount of their own personalities into these occasions.

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