2020 was the year of “unweddings”. Postponements, delays and, sadly, sometimes cancellations. I met up with Laura and Geoff who were originally planning their wedding at Mount Ephraim ( https://www.mountephraimgardens.co.uk/weddings/).

Mount Ephraim is a beautiful venue near to Faversham set in magnificent gardens. Laura, Geoff and I met up shortly before their original April 2020 date … only for lockdown to come into effect and for their plans to be postponed … until November.

Unfortunately lockdown and limitations were still in place so a back-up to their back-up date of end of July 2021 was booked.

And now they are going to have a celebration … in so many ways. We are still waiting to hear if Boris will unlock the country totally on 21 June and this makes a huge difference to wedding planning. Currently the law states that the maximum guest number is 30 people and that there can be no evening celebrations.

But 21 June 2021 is like a golden ticket. Should Boris lift restrictions entirely, then so much changes. Unlimited guests, evening reception … but we are waiting with baited breath.

I met up with Laura and Geoff for a final consultation … details have changed. New bridesmaids dresses for the younger members of the bridal party need to be purchased.

Two wedding cakes have been eaten already … so they will know, for sure, that their cake for their July wedding will be spectactular.

Personalised wedding gifts have their original date … but will still be gifted (maybe with another gift …).

Laura kindly sent me through a photograph of how they celebrated their unwedding day … (copyright: Laura).

Haribo wedding rings. Mr and Mrs mugs. Laura and Geoff were determined to turn their unwedding day into a celebration. And as they were supposed to be sitting down to their wedding breakfast, they had pizza … who wants to cook on your unwedding day!

We are keeping fingers crossed that lockdown finally comes to an end in time for their end of July wedding.

But I’m guessing those Haribo wedding rings have been eaten now … so I’m looking forward to seeing the real ones!

Let me know your unwedding story … and if you have a wedding story that you would like me to capture, don’t hesitate to get in touch: