As a social photographer, meaning that I photograph people, events and celebrations, Covid-19 has rather put a spanner in the works … social gatherings are restricted to only two people at the time of writing this post (April 2020) and weddings aren’t taking place. Before the strict lockdown measures were put in place, registrars were conducting weddings where the two registrars were present, the couple themselves, two witnesses and, (in my opinion, very importantly), a photographer. However, social distancing now means that even small weddings aren’t possible … at the moment. So that got me thinking … how can I help you when restrictions are lifted to the extent that these smaller weddings can take place again?

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing registry office weddings. Some of them are rather grand, such as Rochester and others are more like getting married in your living room, like Canterbury. I’ve also worked, many times, at the Archbishops Palace in Maidstone. But what they all have in common is that you can get legally married and have as many (or as few) guests that you want. Some register offices have limitations on the number of guests who can attend. And I have even photographed a few weddings, particularly at Archbishops, where I haven’t been allowed into the room due to the number restrictions … and one wedding in particular turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in eleven years of photographing weddings!

All of these images are from registry office weddings.  Smaller weddings often allow me more access to the “action” … a different perspective and a nice close up of the exchanging of rings, for example. Register offices often have gardens, they may be small, but they always have potential. And, in Canterbury, I walked through the streets with my lovely couple as they moved from their ceremony venue to their reception venue. No long list of formal images … and no huge group shot …

For the wedding that sticks out in my mind, I met my couple at their home, with their chickens, and we strolled down into Maidstone, stopping along the way for portraits when we felt like it. We had worked out our timings and there was no pressure whatsoever … these are the images with my beautiful bride with her bouquet that she made herself, wearing brogues and looking super fabulous. You can see more of their wedding day if you click here.

You might consider doing what one of my couples did and have a very small, intimate wedding at Read’s restaurant in Faversham.

Are smaller weddings going to be the way forward? Are you considering having the legal ceremony first and then planning a party with your loved ones when restrictions are lifted? Then let’s chat. With key dates booking up for 2021 as couples are having to sadly postpone their celebrations, I believe that more weddings will happen on weekdays. And when your suppliers are full time in their business, they will be more than happy to help you celebrate on a Tuesday …

Canterbury registry office wedding registry office wedding in Canterbury

lockdown restrictions mean smaller guest lists

So, can I help you when lockdown is lifted? I most certainly can. I can make memories for you in these challenging times. If you are considering a registry office wedding, then get in touch. I’m working out some great packages for you … and we can make sure that you have something tangible to hold on to … and then when you have your party when your friends and families are allowed to travel after lockdown, I’ll be there too.

Drop me a line: … I’m looking forward to hearing from you xx